Research to become Animated Film

Friday, October 31, 2014 - 00:00

In an unusual approach to public outreach Dr Laurence Cox's research with Profs Brian Bocking (UCC) and Alicia Turner (York University Toronto) on the Irish Buddhist monk U Dhammaloka (?1856-?1913) may be made into a feature-length, part animated, documentary. 

Dhammaloka was a sailor, hobo, atheist and anti-colonial agitator who campaigned against "the Bible, the Gatling gun and the whiskey bottle" from Burma to Japan and from Thailand to Sri Lanka. 

If the project receives sufficient funding it will be directed by Ian Lawton, with animated sequences by Paul Bolger and music by Mumblin' Deaf Ro.

If you would like to get involved go to It is one of the first projects on this crowdfunding website.  

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