A Poet's Dublin--Eavan Boland

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - 00:00

Arena, RTE Radio One's arts show (http://www.rte.ie/radio1/arena/) will be featuring the Eavan Boland Exhibition at Illuminations Gallery, Maynooth University.    It will also focus on the innovative website, 'A Poet's Dublin--Eavan Boland' https://apoetsdublin.wordpress.com).
The website makes poetry, scholarly commentary, and interviews available to a wide audience of poetry lovers and uses new media and technology to reinvigorate the practice of poetry and its place in our modern world.   The exhibition and website are based on the book, A Poet’s Dublin which was originally published to celebrate the seventieth birthday of acclaimed Irish poet, Eavan Boland. Edited by Paula Meehan and Jody Allen Randolph, A Poet’s Dublin brings together many of Boland’s best-known poems with her own photographs of Dublin.

In November 2014 Illuminations, the digital gallery at Maynooth University, staged an exhibition of images and poems from A Poet’s Dublin, in an exhibition curated and organised by Jody Allen Randolph and Moynagh Sullivan.  This website coincides with and supplements the exhibition. The website includes the texts of twelve poems and three prose pieces from A Poet’s Dublin along with recordings of Eavan Boland reading each poem and prose piece. Eavan Boland has recorded her own thoughts on each text, and a range of writers and critics respond to Boland’s work.  A full gallery of images is available.

The programme will be aired the week of 8th December and the launch of the exhibition and website is next Wednesday 17th December. Eavan Boland and current Ireland Professor of Poetry, Paula Meehan will speak at the launch.


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