Maynooth University in Major EU Research Project AgroCycle Kids on Display at Ploughing Championships 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018 - 11:15

AgroCycle Kids video will be launched by ‘The Kid-Rappers’ as part of the AgroCycle Kids Toolkit for primary school teachers.

New products from the AgroCycle project will be on display, such as: Edible Straws from Rice Bran; Flower Pots from Potato Pulp. Ireland’s first ever Fatberg will be showcased.

An International team including researchers at the Froebel Department, Maynooth University have developed a website called AgroCycle Kids. This website and other new products will be displayed at the Ploughing Championships 2018. Irish primary schools investigated and explored the products of the AgroCycle project.
AgroCycle Kids is a free web-based platform for teachers and children with resources, which were tried and tested by senior primary classes. The AgroCycle Kids programme introduces our younger citizens to the circular economy and fosters their creativity in designing solutions for environmental issues. The AgroCycle Kids programme will inform any conscientious school community about the enormous impact that waste has on our lives. The website includes an AgroCycle Kids video which will be launched with a live performance by ‘The Kid-Rappers’ at the Ploughing Championships 2018.
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