Funding: Kevin B. Nolan Digitisation Grant (RIA)

Monday, December 7, 2020 - 21:30

Applying for a Nowlan Digitisation Grant 

The scheme aims to expand the range of digitised historical sources available through open and free access to researchers, for private study or education purposes. Proposals can take two forms:

1) The digitisation of a historical source or sources (including making it searchable and freely available online)


2) The updating of existing digital historical resources to enable continued online public access

Key Points

  • The intention of these grants is to fund research focusing on professional digitisation with a distinct and identifiable standalone output of making a body of information accessible to anyone upon completion of the project
  • Proposals are welcomed for a clearly defined standalone project accessible on an institutional  website, to be completed within the Grant programme timeline (completion by end April 2022)
  • In line with the Academy’s focus on ensuring long term preservation and access to digital collections, all projects must also make their digital outputs and metadata available to the Royal Irish Academy for inclusion in the Digital Repository of Ireland (further details at the RIA website).
  • The purpose of this grant is to provide support for the direct costs of digitising material, up to a maximum of €10,000
  • All applicants must be the copyright holders of the original data, be acting on their behalf, or the work must be out of copyright.
  • There is no lower limit on the amount requested but it is anticipated that Grants will be made in the region of €8,000-€10,000
  • The application form is available here
  • All queries can be sent to

For more information please visit the RIA website here.