Department of Law Launches Ireland's First Postgraduate Diploma in Public Procurement Law

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 - 00:00

As part of its ongoing development and expansion, Maynooth University Department of Law will begin offering, in October 2015, Ireland’s first Postgraduate Diploma in Public Procurement Law.

Public procurement legislation has been greatly transformed over the last two decades, in order to promote fair competition and to ensure that public authorities secure best value for taxpayers' money. However, the current EU rules governing this area are complex and this can lead to legal uncertainty and risk adverse behaviour by public authorities. 

The Postgraduate Diploma in Public Procurement Law is a unique programme, aimed squarely at those working in the area of procurement, designed to directly address these issues. The programme offers practical modules, focusing on core topics of relevance to procurement professionals. It draws on the existing expertise of the Department of Law in the areas of EU Law, International Law, Contract Law, Employment Law, and Litigation, and complements this with expertise from legal professionals working in the highly specialised area of procurement law.

The new programme will be launched officially towards the end of July 2015. If you would like to enquire further about any aspect of the postgraduate diploma, please do send an email to

Some information regarding the course structure is available here.