All Ireland Conference of Undergraduate Research Prize for Maynooth Student

Monday, April 9, 2018 - 14:45

Aoife Malone, a final year student in Psychology at Maynooth University, has been awarded the overall prize for Best Oral Presentation (10 minutes) for her paper entitled “Developing and Assessing a Novel Relational Abilities Index of Human Intelligence”, at the annual All Ireland Conference of Undergraduate Research, hosted by the Centre for Teaching and Learning in the University of Limerick. The research paper was based on her final year project, which was an investigation into the correlation between traditional measures of intelligence and novel measures of a cognitive skills knows as derived relational responding. The award category was comprised of students from Universities across the country, and from a range of disciplines including Psychology, Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Computer science, and Sociology. More information about the All Ireland Conference of Undergraduate Research can be found here