Dr Rachel McArdle



Rhetoric House
(01) 708 3938


I am a cultural and urban geographer interested in how people shape the city, specifically looking at activists and artists and the role they play in making places and spaces. My research focuses on creativity, networks, the everyday scale of, and the provisionality of cities. I completed my PhD thesis at Maynooth University in early 2019 and I am a lecturer in the Department, beginning in September 2019. My PhD thesis was a case study approach using qualitative methods for 14 different groups, exploring how they created places in the city, titled ‘Liquid Urbanisms: Dublin's Loose Networks and Provisional Places’.   
I also completed two smaller research projects in the summer of 2019, one with Dublin City Council Culture Company, the other working with Dr. Mick Byrne (UCD) and Threshold.  
This year I am lecturing on the following modules: Approaches to Cultural Geography, Creative Cities, Living Landscapes, and Public Engagement.