Marie Breen


Logic House
(01) 708 3733


Ms Marie Breen’s role at the Music Department is all-encompassing; from dealing with students’ queries, either internally or by referral to other University services, to booking and allocating rooms, conducting financial accounting and budgeting, managing equipment and supplies, and marketing the concerts, recitals and rehearsals. All of this along with addressing the day-to-day administrative needs of the Department including  mail distribution, cash management, use of communication devices and correspondence with various University functions such as General Services, Security, Health and Safety,  and Catering.
Marie is also responsible for the planning and procedure involved in the restricted entry MH103 course, testing her expert organisational and time management skills. Upon electronic receipt of data from the CAO, she must prepare and disseminate this information for use in student selection. “Given that we have a high number of applications for this degree course each year, the complexity of the process requires great efficiency and flexibility as it involves high level liaison with CAO personnel, other third level institutions and our own University Departments.”
Marie thrives on liaising and interacting with students and staff while endeavoring to provide solutions to the varied problems brought to the office by the former. She also admits that one of the more difficult aspects of her job is organising the numerous music events that take place throughout the academic year. “The hardest thing is having to tell people that there are no more tickets – our productions are always booked out and it’s never easy turning people away!”
A role like Marie’s is social by its nature and no doubt her years of previous administrative experience at Ryanair, the Royal College of Surgeons and the Charitable Infirmary in Jervis Street have lent themselves perfectly to this end. Also enhancing her skills set are the Bachelor of Business Studies from the Institute of Public Administration and Diploma in Management Studies from the Irish Management Institute successfully completed during her time at NUI Maynooth.
Marie strives for service excellence for students and staff, not only as an academic department but also as a provider of music events that showcase the University. “It’s a big goal to deliver on the event management in its own right and also to ensure the kind of high quality service which students and staff deserve.”