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Margaret Hurley is a lecturer in Economics and Finance at Maynooth since the early 1990's. Before that she worked in the Research Department at the Central Bank of Ireland. She taught as a visiting lecturer at NUI, Galway.Her primary degree is in Economics and Mathematical Statistics, and she holds an MA in Economics, both degrees from UCC. Her Master's thesis was on the Irish term structure of interest rates.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2002 Thomas J. Flavin, Margaret Hurley and Fabrice Rousseau (2002) 'Explaining Stock Market Correlation: A Gravity Model Approach'. THE MANCHESTER SCHOOL, 70 :87-106. [DOI] [Full-Text]
1998 Margaret Hurley (1998) 'The Scope for Monetary Independence in Exchange Rate Target Zones Broad and Narrow'. Economic Letters, 59 . [Full-Text]
1994 Margaret Hurley and Jenny Hughes (1994) 'Simple Tests of Target Zone Credibility: The Irish Case'. Journal of Applied Economics, 26 (8).
1993 Margaret Hurley (1993) 'The Optimal Level of Reserves in an Exchange Rate Target Zone'. Economic And Social Review, 25 (1).
1990 Margaret Hurley (1990) 'The Information in Term Structure Spreads: The Irish Case'. Economic And Social Review, 22 (1). [Full-Text]
1990 Margaret Hurley and Cathal Guiomard (1990) 'Money Demand in Ireland: A Dynamic Equation'. Economic And Social Review, 21 (4):387-407. [Full-Text]
1989 Margaret Hurley and Cathal Guiomard (1989) 'Determinants of Money Demand in Ireland: Rounding up the Usual Suspects'. Economic and Social revew, 21 (1). [Full-Text]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2001 Margaret Hurley (2001) Stock Market Correlations: A Gravity Model Approach Money, Macro, Finance Annual Conference Belfast, 09/01/2001-09/01/2001.
2001 Margaret Hurley (2001) Foreign Direct Investment and the Irish Corporate Tax rate Poster Presentation at NIRSA launch NUI, Maynooth, 11/01/2001-11/01/2001.
2001 Margaret Hurley (2001) Foreign Direct Investment and the Corporate Tax rate: A Gravity Model Approach Conference on Applied Statistics in Ireland Cashel, 05/01/2001-05/01/2001.
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