Dr Bríd Connolly

Adult and Community Education

Maynooth University School of Education
(01) 708 3306


I have been an adult educator for over thirty years, beginning with women's studies in 1985, with the Department of Adult and Community Education, MU. Since then, I have worked with many different groups at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, both non-formal and formal.
Professionally, I am the director of the PhD in adult and community education I also work on the Doctorate in Higher and Adult Education, Masters in adult and community education, and HDip in Further Education programmes. I supervise theses and teaching practice in all of these programmes.
My research interests developed from this work, with particular interest in feminist and critical pedagogy, gender and diversity and groupwork in adult learning.On sabbatical leave in 2016-2017, I focused on feminist pedagogy in the context of the era of diversity.
 I am also very interested in creativity in all fields. In 2014, I enrolled on the MU Certificate in Creative Writing for Publication, and since then, I won the Kildare Readers' Festival Short Story Competition, in 2015 and I was short listed for the RTÉ Francis MacManus Story Story competition in 2016 and 2017.    


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Year Publication
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Conference Contribution

Year Publication
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Book Review

Year Publication
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Magazine Article

Year Publication
2013 Dr Brid Connolly (2013) Adult education in times of crises: from Trojan Horses to New Ethics. [Magazine Article] [Full-Text]
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