Date   Title
9 May 2019 Professor Patricia Palmer, Department of English Enter MACMORRIS: Did Ireland have a Renaissance
9 April 2019 Professor Mary Gilmartin, Department of Geography Placing migration: the challenge of belonging in a precarious world
9 Oct 2018 Professor Linda Connolly, Social Sciences Institute The centenary of the vote for women in 2018 coincided with a referendum that has repealed the eighth amendment to the Irish Constitution
14 May 2018 Professor Colin Graham, Department of English Just Auden's Silly Yeats
10 May 2018 Professor Fionntán de Brún, Department of Modern Irish Ag seachaint 'cith na baoise' – an Ghaeilge, an tAthbheochanachas agus Stair na nIdéanna/
Escaping the 'shower of folly' – the Irish language, Revivalism and the History of Ideas
18 Apr 2018 Professor Philipp Rosemann, Department of Philosophy Leonard Cohen, philosopher
16 Apr 2018 Professor Jane Gray, Department of Sociology Lineages of class and community: How Irish family practices create social change
12 Apr 2018 Carl Anders Säfström, Professor of Educational Research Education as the Making of a World in Common Across Difference
23 Oct 2017 Professor Malcolm MacLachlan, Department of Psychology “I’d like to report a break-in”: Psychology, Inclusion and Technology
2 Feb 2012 Professor David Stifter, Roinn na Sean-Ghaeilge Magic in Manuscripts: Towards Decoding a Medieval Irish Charm
10 Nov 2011 Professor Gerry Kearns, Department of Geography People, Past, and Place: The Geographical Imagination of Young Ireland
22 Sep 2011 Professor Marian Lyons, Department of History Fashioning Irish national identity: the contribution of Irish émigrés in early modern Europe
6 Apr 2011 Professor Brendan Gleeson, Department of Geography An Urban World at Risk