MSc in Data Science and Analytics 2019-20  (PAC code MHR64)

This MSc is a 12 month conversion course (new in 2017) designed to prepare students for the fast expanding job market in Data Science and Analytics. Students will gain the knowledge and skills to collect, process analyse and visualise data in order to extract useful information, explore patterns and evaluate models. The course is a collaboration between the Departments of Mathematics & Statistics,  Computer Science and the National Centre for Geocomputation.
Modules cover programming, statistics and databases, and advanced topics in modern statistical machine learning. The course includes material on the social and ethical consequences of the use of data and the implications for business and government. Applications from many industry sectors will be explored in our Case Studies module. In the Project module, students will put these technical skills in to practice. They will gain experience in report writing, presentations and teamwork. Students also do a 30-credit thesis.
Applicants must have a recognised primary degree which is considered equivalent to Irish university primary degree level. The degree should be at level 8 in any subject with some mathematical content.
Online application only
PAC Code: MHR64
If you need any additional guidance, please contact the programme director (

  Semester Credits C/O
CS620C Structured Programming 1 10 O
CS621C Spatial Databases 1 10 C
ST661 R for data analytics 1 5 C
ST683 Linear models 1 1 5 O
ST685 Linear models 2 1 5 O
NCG608 Introduction to Geographical Information Science 1 10 O
NCG612 Case studies in data science and analytics 2 5 C
NCG613 Data analytics project 2 5 O
NIR605 Critical data studies 2 5 O
ST684 Statistical machine learning 2 5 O
ST686 Advanced statistical modelling 2 5 O
ST662 Topics in data analytics 2 5 O
CS615C Internet solutions engineering 2 10 O
Masters Project & Dissertation Summer 30 C

Default pathway:
Semester 1:  CS620C, CS621C, ST661, ST683, ST684  (35 ECTS)
Semester 2: NCG612, ST684 and 15 credits chosen from NIR60, CS615C, ST686, ST662 and NCG613. (25 ECTS)
Students with a  MU Statistics degree take NCG608 instead of ST683 and ST684 in Semester 1, and modules NCG 612/613, NIR605, CS615C and ST662 in Semester 1.
Students with a CS degree or programming background take NCG608 instead of CS620C.

Students who are transferring from the Higher Diploma should register for ST683, ST685 and one of ST606, NCG606 and CS648.
Course choices should be made after consultation with the Course Director.