Pay and Display Visitor parking

North Campus

Visitors to the north campus are directed to park in the Pay and Display car parks. These are located in Car Park 2 and zoned within car park 9 located in  Parking for Students & Staff .
A valid pay and display ticket must be displayed properly at all times with the date and time clearly visible while parked in the Pay and display zones.
It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the P&D ticket is clearly on display before leaving the vehicle and the P&D car park zone.

A Campus Parking Permit or One Day Permit will not entitle the holder to use the pay and display area for free.

Tariff rates for the Pay and Display car parks;

  • €1.00 for the 1st hour
  • €1.50 per hour or pro-rata for each subsequent hour.
  • Max payment €10 per day
  • Maximum stay: All day.
  • Hours of operation 08.30-17.00 hours, Monday to Friday during term time.

A pay and display ticket is only valid for use in the Pay and Display car park where it was purchased.
Any infringement of Pay and Display rules may result in vehicles being clamped. Vehicle owners/drivers should ensure that the Pay and Display ticket is clearly displayed inside their vehicle so that the date and time are clearly visible, to avoid the risk of being clamped.
The misuse or abuse of the Pay and Display machines will not be tolerated; disciplinary action and criminal proceedings will be instituted for any such incident.

Special Arrangements

Departments may purchase special one-day permits for visitors in advance by forwarding a One Day Parking Permit request form to the Traffic Management Office. One Day Parking Permits are not valid in the Pay and Display zones.
These permits will entitle the holder to seek parking in the following areas:

N.B Departments are advised to remind visitors of the locations of designated visitor parking One Day Visitor Parking Permit Application Form
Requests for special arrangements for accredited visitors and other requirements should be directed in advance to the Traffic Management Office. Given the pressure on parking capacity, special arrangements for parking facilities for large groups cannot be guaranteed. Such requests should be directed in advance to

South Campus

Visitor parking on the South Campus is available in a Pay and Display area located to the left of the campus just inside the main gate. Tariff rates and times as above. For location details please visit Visitor Parking

Visitors parked in the multi-permit/staff car parks must display a completed, valid One Day Parking Permit, these can only be purchased from the Traffic Management Office in advance by the relevant Department.