Enforcement of Traffic Management and Parking Policy

Use of campus parking spaces are for staff, students, visitors and other accredited users only.

Parking is only permitted in designated marked car park spaces on campus. Vehicle owners infringing on parking regulations will be liable to have their vehicles clamped

Enforcement of this policy will apply between 08.30-17.00 hours, Monday-Friday during term time, and on any other days as may be required for operational reasons. During routine daily patrols, APCOA Parking Ireland Ltd will observe for vehicles which are not parked in Designated Parking Spaces and take the necessary course of action. Particular attention will be paid to the following offences observed on campus but not limited to:

  • Obstruction of Emergency Access,
  • Obstruction of Disability Access 
  • Misuse of Disability Parking Bays
  • Parking in the Yellow Boxes and on Yellow Lines
  • Obstructing pedestrian crossings
  • Vehicles parked in a manner deemed to be causing any safety hazard
  • Vehicles parked on landscaped areas and or common ground
  • Vehicles parked in Authorized Vehicle Only Zones/ behind barriers etc.
  • Vehicles taking up 2 spaces
  • No valid parking permit
  • Parking in a service/delivery bay without a proper permit on display.

A release fee of €80 will be charged before the clamp is removed.

Clamping release can only be arranged directly with APCOA Parking Ireland Ltd, using the contact information provided on the clamping ticket and on signage located throughout the campus. APCOA undertake to release clamps within a maximum of 2 hours upon payment of the penalty.

APCOA Contact No: 0818 462888

Any interference with the clamp will not be tolerated.

Towing of vehicles is in operation on both campuses and overflow facilities.
Vehicles may be towed for the following reasons but not limited to,

  • blocking the entrance or exit of any vehicle,
  • parked in yellow boxes,
  • blocking the entrance or exit of buildings,
  • breach of our Health and Safety guidelines and policy or
  • as may be required for operational reasons.

A vehicle that is deemed to require towing will usually be towed to another area around the campus.
However, where a vehicle is towed off site to the towing companies holding area, the towing company will hold the vehicle for approximately 4 weeks at which time, if the vehicle has not been reclaimed, then the vehicle will be sent for recycling.
Where a vehicle is towed to an area on site, the vehicle will be clamped once it has been relocated and will only be released once all enforcement and towing fees have been paid.
Release fees for Relocated and impounded vehicles €150.00 + €50 per day thereafter.

Overnight Parking Policy
Parking overnight on campus is for staff/student permit holders by agreement and authorized personnel only.
The campus parking facilities will be monitored to ensure the no overnight parking policy is adhered to.
Vehicle owners infringing on this regulation will be liable to have their vehicles clamped and or towed.

Traffic management and enforcement services are carried out by APCOA Ireland Parking Ltd in line with the Campus Traffic Management Policy. These enforcement services will apply to the North Campus and to the South Campus.