Parking Locations

The campus car parking spaces for Staff, Students are located in Parking for Students & Staff  and visitor car parking spaces are located at Visitor Parking .  These spaces have been designated by type of user in order to ensure that they are used in the most efficient way possible by the campus community. The principle behind the designation is to ensure that all parking spaces are used only by accredited university users, and to allow for some flexibility of use by such users within the overall system.

North Campus
The designation plan for the North Campus is set out below, and is shown on the  Parking for Students & Staff  campus map.    

  • Staff Permit holders: (Car Parks 8,10,11,12, 13, 14)
  • Student Permit holders: (Car Parks 1, 6b, and 6c.)
  • Multi-Permit car parks: (Car Parks 3, 4, 5a, 6a, 9, and on the ring road where provided.
  • Pay and Display: (Car Park 2 and zoned within car park 9) Lines marked in blue.
  • Car Sharing: (zoned within car park 2 and car park 9. Lines marked in orange)
  • Disabled, Services, Deliveries etc: (in various locations)
  • EV Parking Zone (side of Bio-Science Building, nth. campus and side of Lyreen House, sth. campus) Contact Traffic Management for authorisation at Ext: 6937

Campus Traffic Management has acquired the use of Maynooth GAA on the Moyglare Road, for overflow car parks as follows:

Separate areas will be designated for parking of Motor Bikes and Mopeds. Permits are not required for these vehicles. 
Motor bikes and mopeds are not permitted to park in the general parking spaces on campus and must park in the dedicated area located in car park 2 or the covered cycle shelter located to the side of the Eolas Building.

Visitors parked in the Multi-Permit/Staff Car Parks must display a completed, valid One Day Permit; these can be purchased from the Traffic Management Office in advance by the relevant Department

Short term parking facility for Staff
Staff who frequently need to leave campus on campus business and return during the same working day may seek to use short-term parking facilities (if available) in the Iontas Special Parking (ISP) area. An Iontas Special Parking Request Form  must be emailed to in order to reserve a space in this facility. If a space is available, an access code will be emailed to the applicant. Requests for access to this facility must be made at least 48 hours in advance where possible.

Subject to availability, this facility may also be used for Visitor parking. Contact to enquire about availability. Block bookings of these spaces will not be permitted, and any inappropriate use of the facility may result in exclusion from future use.
In all cases, valid Staff or Visitor permits must be displayed on vehicles using the ISP facility. The ISP area will be subject to patrols by APCOA Ltd and any infringement in use could lead to a vehicle being clamped.

As there is limited space available in this facility, staff and visitors who use it are asked to vacate the spaces at the nominated departure time to ensure that these spaces can be used by other users.

South Campus

The Designation Plan for the South Campus is set out in Parking for Students & Staff campus map, the designations available on the South Campus are:

  • Staff permit holders.
  • Student permit holders.
  • Multi-Permit car parks (staff, student, visitor permit holders)
  • Pay and Display.
  • Disabled spaces.
  • Services, Deliveries.

Visitor parking on the South Campus is available in a Pay and Display area located to the left of the campus just inside the main gate.

Visitors parked in the multi-permit/staff car parks must display a completed, valid One Day Parking Permit, these can only be purchased from the Traffic Management Office in advance by the relevant Department.

Only vehicles displaying a Campus Parking Permit may be parked in the University's car parks/spaces in the North and South Campus, with the exception of the Pay and Display zones. Vehicles not complying with this rule will be liable to be clamped.