A key goal of Campus Travel and Traffic Management is to seek a reduction in demand for on-campus parking by obtaining a reduction in the level of single occupant car journeys. Car sharing has an important role to play in this regard. It is recognized that while many car users may not be in a position to avail of car sharing, this option can be attractive to many staff and students under certain circumstances.

Car sharing offers a range of financial and other benefits to those who participate in it. There are 14 All Day parking spaces on the North Campus for use by car sharers every day during term time. These spaces are located in Car Parks 2 and 9. These car sharing spaces are clearly identifiable with orange lines and carshare signage & logos and may only be used by cars bearing two valid student/staff permits which must be clearly on display.

All car parking facilities will be patrolled by APCOA. Any infringement may result in the offending vehicles being clamped.

Benefits include; 

  • All day car share spaces,
  • Hundreds of €uros in savings a year,
  • Greater resale value on your vehicle.
  • Lower co2 emissions.

Guaranteed Lift Home Scheme
As a further incentive to encourage car sharing, Campus traffic management will offer a Guaranteed Lift Home (GLH) scheme during the academic year. Subject to certain conditions, this scheme guarantees staff and students who are formally participating in the Car Share Initiative a refund of the cost for their return journey home in the event their car share partner lets them down due to unforeseen circumstances. The GLH scheme is run to compliment the car sharing initiative.
The following are deemed suitable and appropriate means of transport for a GLH Scheme member:

  • Public Transport (Train/Bus) to your stated destination.
  • Licensed Taxi within a 10 mile radius of the campus.

No other modes of transport are permitted

Notification to the Traffic Management Office should be made in advance where possible. Applicants are responsible for making their own arrangements. Reimbursement will be in the form of a cheque and a valid receipt must be supplied before monies are approved.
To be eligible for the GLH Scheme you must be actively car sharing with at least one other permit holder, either staff member or student.
Valid reasons for using the GLH Scheme include:

  • A home emergency (reported burglary, fire, flood etc.) requiring your immediate attendance.
  • Personal illness or illness/injury of an immediate family member
  • An unforeseen work reason (certified by your line manager) why you cannot leave work at your normal finish time.
  • The unavailability of your car share partner for the above reasons.

The following situations are some that are not covered by the GLH Scheme:

  • When a car sharer is detained by a pre-arranged meeting, medical appointment or lecture etc.
  • Early office closure e.g. during or in anticipation of extreme weather conditions or a building evacuation etc.
  • Traffic problems that cause your driver to leave earlier than usual.

How to Apply
Car share partners should fill out the GLH Scheme registration form  (one form per user group) and forward it to the Traffic Management Office. Any changes in circumstances should be reported immediately to the above office.
The GLH Scheme has a limited annual budget and is provided to reassure car sharers of a return journey home that will not incur any unnecessary costs to them. Any misuse of the GLH scheme will result in the request being invalid. Applications will be assessed and monitored to ensure no misuse of the GLH Scheme.

N.B Only persons registered for the GLH scheme will be accommodated.

Campus parking management reserves the right to refuse an application and to alter or withdraw the GLH scheme at any time.

Enforcement of Car Sharing rules will be undertaken by APCOA Parking Ireland Ltd as part of the overall enforcement services. During term time, vehicles parked in the Car Sharing spaces which do not display at least two valid Staff or Student permits will be liable to be clamped.
This campaign will be fully supported by The National Transport Authority.