Students undertaking or wishing to undertake a PhD or PhD-track programme in the School of Law and Criminology are eligible to apply for scholarship support in the School of Law and Criminology. This scholarship commences no earlier than October 2024 and lasts for up to 4 years (shorter than 4 years if the student has already commenced PhD Studies.)
One new Scholarship will be available this calendar year (starting October 2024).
This Scholarship application is open to both new entrants to and existing students already registered to and in good standing on the MU Law and Criminology PhD programme.
Candidates should ordinarily hold a master’s degree in Law or Criminology, or a cognate discipline, with a 2.1 honours or higher. In exceptional cases, candidates with a 1st class undergraduate degree in Law or Criminology, or a cognate discipline, will be considered. Students who will in 2024-5 have fees paid from external sources (including other scholarships) are generally not eligible to apply.
Before applying, students must have secured a supervisor in the School of Law and Criminology who (a) formally supports the application and (b) states that, in their considered view, and with regard to the quality of the research proposal, the candidate has a realistic prospect of success in attaining a PhD. It is the applicant’s responsibility to secure a supervisor, bearing in mind that staff members are free to decline  to act as such. The agreement to supervise should be notified by the prospective supervisor to the School’s PhD Coordinator (Prof. Delia Ferri). A formal offer on the PAC system is not necessary to apply for the scholarship.
Value of the Scholarship
The scholarships will entail:

  • A fixed maintenance award of €18,500 per annum (the amount is determined by the University rather than the School);
  • Annual tuition fees support.

This full-time scholarship will be awarded for up to four years of study, subject to satisfactory annual review of progress in research. If a student has already commenced PhD studies, the Scholarship applies only until the student completes the fourth year since first registration on a PhD programme, subject to satisfactory annual review of progress in research.
Terms and Conditions
The Scholarship will require participation in School activities as a full-time doctoral scholar. Scholars will generally be expected to attend the university during term-time.
Scholars who wish to develop their teaching skills, contribute to pedagogical developments in their discipline and develop other skills to enhance their employability outside of the University may also be considered for activities such as tutorials, marking, and/or similar related work for which they will receive additional payment subject to University guidelines, policies and procedures.
There is, however, no obligation on the University to offer the scholar any paid work, and there is no obligation on the scholar to accept any such offers of paid work.
Moreover, any such work, where offered, is for the exclusive purpose of advancing the scholar’s training and development in their capacity as a Doctoral Scholar. These activities will be carried out under the direction of the Head of School, or a member of staff nominated by the Head.
Reimbursement of expenses for travel and participation in conferences, events or for the purchase of books will be available in accordance with School policies (funding is usually limited to €500 per annum). 
Application and Selection Procedure

Appointments will be made by the Head of School on the advice of a representative selection committee and based on a transparent recruitment process that meets the needs of the School. The Scholarship will be awarded by the School on the basis of:

  • The quality of the applicant’s academic skills and experience. This criterion includes excellence in academic and research achievements as well as applicants’ non-academic accomplishments, in line with the University’s mission and Strategic Plan. In the case of existing Maynooth PhD students, regard will be had to annual progress reports, where relevant.
  • The quality of the project proposal. This criterion includes the quality of the aims and objectives of the proposed research, the proposed methodology, the feasibility of the proposal, and plans for dissemination.
  • The project’s potential alignment with the School’s research priorities and with the University’s Strategic Plan 2023-2028. 

Applicants for the scholarship, who already have secured a supervisor in the School of Law and Criminology, are asked to submit the following documents to by no later than 5 p.m. Irish time on Tuesday 4th of June 2024:

  • A CV detailing academic experience, and any prior teaching experience;
  • A cover letter of up to two pages outlining their motivation and suitability for the role; if you are an existing MU PhD student, your cover letter should include an indication as to whether you consent to the selection committee having access to your annual PhD progress reports, where relevant.
  • A short letter from a permanent, whole-time academic member of the Maynooth University School of Law and Criminology confirming they have agreed to supervise the candidate, that they endorse the application for a doctoral scholarship, and that, in their considered view, and with regard to the quality of the research proposal, the candidate has a realistic prospect of success in attaining a PhD;
  • copy of a PhD research proposal of maximum 6 pages pages (not including references) and should ideally include  the following elements: Project Title; Abstract; Description of the project to include, for example, aims and central research questions; Methodology; Indication of the Novelty and Significance of the Research and Research Plans. The suggested structure is merely indicative, and students are welcome to include additional elements or highlight certain specific aspect of their research. A list of references can be included at the end.
  • Relevant academic transcripts (evidence of completion of degree and degree award mark).

Applicants may be shortlisted for interview and, if so, will be contacted directly by the School. 
Closing date for applications: 5 p.m. on 4th of June 2024.
Equality and Diversity
Maynooth University values the enrichment that comes from a diverse community and seeks to promote equality, prevent discrimination and protect the human rights of each individual. To learn more about our commitment to Equality and Diversity, please read the Maynooth University Equality and Diversity Policy. Additionally, both Maynooth University and the School of Law and Criminology hold an Athena SWAN Bronze Award, which recognises work undertaken to advance gender equality for staff and students in Higher Education.