Due to recent success in obtaining Horizon Europe funding, we are seeking a PhD researcher to join the P2GreeN
project team
. P2GreeN is a 4-year project undertaken by a consortium across the EU and coordinated by agrathaer
GmbH and Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops e.V. This project investigates the potential to
“close the gap between fork and farm for circular nutrient flows” by recovering nutrients (in particular, nitrogen
and phosphorous) from human waste and converting these into safe bio-based fertilisers for agricultural
production. Dr. Mary Dobbs (School of Law and Criminology, Maynooth) along with Prof. Joseph McMahon
(UCD) are leading on the legal and regulatory research for the project. We are seeking to appoint a PhD candidate
to conduct legal and regulatory research for this project.

The focus of the PhD will be related in particular, but not exclusively, to Task 3.5 of the project. Task 3.5 involves
the identification and evaluation of the legal and regulatory frameworks applicable in the pilot regions (Sweden,
Germany and Spain) and follower regions (France, Greece, Hungary and Italy) where the project activities are
being undertaken. This will entail research regarding the legal, regulatory and policy frameworks that exist on a
multilevel basis and that are applicable in the regions. These frameworks include areas such trade, agricultural
support, environmental protection, waste, wastewater, food standards and organic produce. The PhD’s main focus
will be on the national/regional/local laws, complementing the research by the rest of the legal team. It will also
involve developing an understanding of the project partners’ activities, what issues they raise and how they
currently are engaging with the legal and regulatory frameworks. The aim is to deliver an initial scoping review
of the frameworks, followed by a more comprehensive, critical evaluation of the relevant frameworks.

The PhD project will entail both doctrinal legal analysis and qualitative analysis and will require interviews to be
conducted with, inter alia, representatives of the project’s partners and local experts across the regions where the
project is operating. The PhD researcher will be supervised by Dr. Mary Dobbs.

For this particular position, we are looking to appoint a candidate with basic knowledge of legal methods,
qualitative research methods, comparative methods, EU law and with an interest in agriculture, environment
and/or regulation. Experience of working in interdisciplinary research projects is desirable.

Closing Date: 23:30hrs (local Irish time) on 17th February 2023
Applications with full CV (including names & contact details of 2 referees), cover letter and qualifications are to
be sent to
Applications must be submitted by the closing date and time specified above. Late applications will not be

For full details: Funded PhD Opportunity (P2GreeN Project)