Academic Travel Grant

The purpose of the grant is to facilitate travel by full time permanent academic staff for academic purposes. The University funds this grant each year and the amount of the grant is decided on a yearly basis
Travel grants may be drawn directly by the individual staff member by completing the Academic travel grant form and returning it to the Payments Office, Riverstown Lodge.

Travel Grant Conditions

  • It is permitted to allow your grant accumulate up to three years including the current year. The year is based on the Academic year (1st Oct to 30th Sept).
  • At the addition of the fourth year of the grant the first year allowance will be reviewed and any balance remaining will be deducted from your account. 
  • This review will continue on a yearly basis leaving your account with a maximum three years of grants. 
  • An advance of up to two years may be requested if your balance is in credit. 
  • Please note, all payment requests are to be authorised by Head of Department. 
  • Send filled out signed forms and back up to for processing
  • Academic Travel Claim form

For queries on account balances and payment of travel claims, please contact:
Amanda Brennan on Ext 3745 or email