New video series: An illustrated exploration of the genomics of autism

Friday, April 1, 2022 - 16:30

The Family Genomics Research Group here at Maynooth University have launched the first video of a short series to coincide with World Autism Awareness Month. It illustrates the journey of the data of families participating from recruitment to data analysis in their autism genomics research studies among others.

If you are interested their genomics research, please visit the Family Genomics Research Group’s website’s news page and watch images of their research processes come to life in their new stop-motion video created by Laura Finnegan (Artist), Fiana Ní Ghrálaigh (PhD candidate), Dr Lorna Lopez (Associate Professor and Research Group Lead) and Aoife Coghlan (Research Assistant). This videos series was funded by the Maynooth University ‘Impact through dissemination support fund 2021.’