Eighth Biology Research Day

Friday, July 5, 2019 - 10:45

The 8th Biology Research Day was held on Wednesday June 5th in the Iontas Lecture Theatre and Foyer. 17 different research groups were represented on the day through oral and poster presentations.
The winners of the oral presentations were:
1st place: Dean Frawley (3rd year PhD student) from the Fungal Genetics and Secondary Metabolism group for his talk entitled 'A conserved MAP kinase pathway development and secondary metabolism in Aspergillus species.'

Runner Prizes went to: 
Sarah Larragy (1st year PhD student) from the Applied Proteomics lab for her talk entitled 'Using DNA to evaluate Bombus lucorum s.l. drone morphology'

Felipe Guapo (4th year PhD student) from the Applied Proteomics lab for his talk entitled 'Correlating neonicotinoid mode of action with bumblebee effects at the behavioural, cellular and molecular level'

The winners of the poster presentations were:
1st place: Rachel Ward (1st year MSc student) from the Medical Mycology group for her poster entitled 'Comparison of the proteomes of Winter and Summer honeybee'

Runner Prizes went to:
Jyotsna Paradeshi (4th year PhD student) from the Host Pathogen Interaction lab for her poster entitled 'The human DEAD-box helicase 3 modulates ERa activity in breast cancer cell lines'

Brian Mooney (2nd year PhD student) from the Plant Biochemistry lab for his poster entitled 'The role of PRT1 E3 ligase in the regulation of plant-pathogen interactions'

A couple of other photos taken on the day:

Poster discussion

Poster display