Academic Discipline Board

Chair (from the membership of Academic Council)
Dr Aidan Mooney (Sept 2022 to Sept 2025)

Faculty of Arts and Humanities:
Dr Sarah Arnold (Sept 2021 to Sept 2024)
Dr Tracey Ní Mhaonaigh (Sept 2022 to Sept 2025)

Faculty of Social Sciences:
Dr Delma Byrne (Sept 2021 to Sept 2024)
Dr Camilla Fitzsimons (Sept 2023 to Sept 2024) [while Dr Michael Hayden on sabbatical leave

Faculty of Science and Engineering:
Dr Trinidad Velasco-Torrijos (Sept 2021 to Sept 2024)
Professor Sean Doyle (Sept 2022 to Sept 2025)

President of the Students’ Union:
Mr Gavin Fanning (2024-2025)

Lay member (Nominated by the President):
Mr Hugo Hynes, S.C.  
  Maynooth University Policy on Academic Misconduct and Academic Integrity Sept 2023

Committee Meeting Dates
Dates to be set as required