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The course will provide students with the knowledge and understanding needed to deal effectively with issues of equality and diversity in the workplace in a rapidly changing Ireland.  The course will equip practitioners with the competence to become professional trainers in this challenging area in order to contribute to the development of socially inclusive workplaces. This course is relevant to all who espouse the values of social inclusion and equality.  It has particular resonance to private sector companies and businesses and staff of community and voluntary organisations who seek to create workplaces where diversity is prized as an asset for generating new ideas and new ways of working.

Course Aims

To provide participants with knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Reflective Practice

Equality Issues in a Diverse Ireland

Ability and Disability Issues

Teaching and Learning 

The Certificate consists of four modules. These are presented in an open/flexible learning format by one workshop and online Thursdays every fortnight 6.15-7.45pm.

Module 1: Reflecting on Equality and Diversity: Reflective Practice; Concepts, and ideologies; Sources of prejudice and discrimination; Conducting research.

Module 2: The Shape of Irish Society: Using a sociological lens, we consider the stratification systems that are based on social class, race/ethnicity, and gender, and explore the impact that these structural inequalities have on a variety of subordinate groups and how they can be challenged by service workers and policy makers in Ireland.

Module 3: Equality and Diversity in the Workplace: Using the equality framework, and from a sociological perspective, we examine how structural inequalities based on class, race/ethnic and gender as well as the politics of difference based on disability, religion and age may be tackled in the workplace and how subordinate groups as part of a broader equality movement are advocating for the elimination of inequality.

Module 4: Delivering Equality: Development of equality and diversity policies; Managing equality and diversity issues; Recruitment and selection, Training and development; Facilitation and mentoring.

Course Duration: 100 hrs p/t over 1 yr online/1 face-to-face workshop; online Thursdays once a fortnight 6.15-7.45pm

The NUI Certificate in Equality Studies in Training and Development (On Line) is a standalone qualification however when combined with the and the NUI Certificate in Training and Continuing Education (Train the Trainer Level 7) plus another of our  the NUI Certificate courses such as the Certificate in Communication and Group Skills for Managers or the NUI Certificate in Disability Studies it forms part of the Diploma in Arts in Training and Development for Socially Inclusive Workplaces. This suite of CPD courses provide a comprehensive educational/training package in core skills such as managing issues of equality and cultural diversity in the workplace for Team Leaders, Managers and Learning and Development Specialists.

As with all of our level 7 and 8 certificate and diploma courses credits gained upon completion can be used for Recognition of Prior Learning to go towards the Degree in Local Studies/Community Studies.

International & EU/EFTA Entry Requirements

Mature Students

Students must be 21 years or older on 1 January in the year of the commencement of the course.

Additional Information

Course is aimed at practitioners in learning, training and development or those with an interest in learning about diversity and equality.

Basic IT skills 

Access to a computer with Windows 2000 or above and broadband internet access is essential.

Commitment to self-directed learning.

Attendance at 3 Workshops is Mandatory.

Participants should be able to devote approximately 6 hours a week to the course.

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