Maynooth University Institutional Review 2018

Maynooth University undertook an Institutional Review in 2018. Such reviews are undertaken on a cyclical basis. The reviews in the current cycle, known as CINNTE reviews commenced in the Irish Universities sector in 2018.  These reviews are coordinated by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and are underpinned by the relevant sections of the 2012 Act.

The CINNTE cyclical review evaluates the effectiveness of our institution-wide quality assurance procedures for the purposes of establishing, ascertaining, maintaining and enhancing the quality of the education, training, research and related services that Maynooth University provides. 

CINNTE Review Objectives
The specific objectives of the CINNTE quality assurance review are to:
Review the effectiveness and implementation of the University Quality Assurance (QA) procedures
Review (a) the enhancement of quality by the University through governance, policy and procedures; (b) the congruity of the QA/ QE procedures with the University mission & goals or targets for quality; and (c) identify innovative & effective practices for Quality Enhancement (QE)
Review effectiveness & implementation of procedures for access, transfer and progression
Determine compliance with the Code of Practice for the Provision of Programmes to International Learners 

The CINNTE Review process
The CINNTE Institutional Review follows a very similar structure to internal departmental and administrative unit quality reviews at Maynooth. Following consultations with and feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, the University prepares an Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER). The purpose of the ISER is to provide information and evidence that Maynooth University has effective quality assurance processes in place.  The ISER will be a core document for the review process along with our Annual Institutional Quality Report (AIQR) and University Profile. These documents, particularly the ISER, will shape the key points of dialogue with the international expert review panel when they visit Maynooth University in December 2018.

Following the review visit, the University will receive a draft report from the panel in March 2019. Similar to a peer review report, this Institutional Review report will also contain the panel’s main findings and a set of recommendations for the University. We will have an opportunity to comment on the factual accuracy of the report before it is officially published by QQI and Maynooth University.
Timeline for the CINNTE Review
February-June 2018: consultations and self-evaluation as part of preparing the ISER
10 September 2018: Maynooth University submits the ISER to QQI
19th October 2018: One-day preparatory planning visit
10-14 December 2018: Main Review Visit
Mid March 2019: Draft Report from Review Team submitted for factual accuracy checks

For further information please see below:
  CINNTE Cyclical Review Handbook
  CINNTE Terms of Reference