Curriculum Research Office

A comprehensively revised curriculum was launched in September 2016;  A rigorous research and evaluation programme will be implemented that will systematically monitor progress on implementation over time, and evaluate the outcomes and impacts for students and staff of the University.  The Director of Strategy and Quality will be responsible for implementation, and oversight will be provided by a Project Steering Committee, chaired by the Dean of Teaching and Learning.

The Role of the Curriculum Research Office is:

  • Collecting and analyzing student data to be used for monitoring progress in the uptake of new curriculum initiatives (e.g. critical skills modules, elective modules, participation in experiential learning opportunities)
  • Conducting qualitative forms of inquiry with both students and staff at different levels throughout the University using, for example, focus groups and face to face in depth interviews
  • Conducting quantitative analysis of other forms of data where applicable
  • Benchmarking progress on student engagement and student learning outcomes in Maynooth University using data from the Irish Survey of Student Engagement
  • Preparing and disseminating reports on the quantitative and qualitative findings
  • Presenting the findings at national and international conferences and preparing them for submission to peer reviewed journals