Colm Hughes

Tax Trainee
Baker Tilly
BA Accounting and Finance

I think all of my 3 years in Maynooth were a highlight. It is close to my family home, so I already knew a lot of people going there and I met many more once I started.

Maynooth is unique in that the town itself is quite small and the campus is located right in the centre. Everything is in walking distance – including the McDonald’s.

I learned how to study correctly, which is invaluable to me now as I am currently studying for my professional exams.

Try to start your studies with a bang. If you adopt good habits in first year, they’ll follow you the whole way through.

Once I graduated from Maynooth, I started my role as Tax Trainee in Baker Tilly. I have since passed by CAP2 exams and I am currently studying for my FAEs. Hopefully, I will be fully qualified this time next year.

Finishing my first Income Tax deadline. My first few months in the firm were dedicated to Income Tax so it was great to get over the finish line.

Trainee in the Baker Tilly tax department. At the moment, I do a bit in every type of tax, slightly weighed more towards VAT advisory lately.

Deadlines are always both interesting and challenging. You only know someone once you’ve worked through a tough deadline together!