“Dynamics of compensation policies and turnover of heterogeneous sales agents”

Friday, January 22, 2021 - 10:00 to 11:00
Online via Teams

Organizations recruit and retain high-performing salespeople not only for their rainmaking ability but also because their mobility to a competitor can undermine the organizations' competitiveness. Despite the crucial contributions of compensation literature concerning the inventive-setting aspect, little attention is afforded to the dynamics of salespeople's compensation policies and their mobility. On the other hand, access to talented salespeople in the external environment can also influence the mobility of salesforces. This study investigates the effect of compensation dispersion within sales organizations and its interaction with the regional concentration of salesforces on the turnover heterogenous salesforces. In the second step, the likelihood of turnover to a competing organization examined. Analyzing a panel of over 89000 sales individuals over 390000 observations this study contributes to the scant literature bridging the gap between the compensation structure of sales functions and the mobility of heterogeneous salesforces, and its competitive effects for firm.

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About the Speaker: Dr. Alireza Keshavarz is a Lecturer in Marketing here at the School of Buisness. He holds a Ph.D. in Marketing and Management from HEC, Paris. His research interest lies in strategic marketing, strategic sales force management, and technology marketing. Alireza's primary research revolves around the dynamics and competitive effect of salesforce compensations and mobility. Using econometrics methods, he also investigates the gender pay and promotional gaps within salesforces in organizations. Alireza is currently a member of AMA, EMAC, CNRS Lab GREG-HEC and Labex ECODEC. His research has been presented at and published in the proceedings of several conferences, including AMA, EMAC, Marketing Science and SMS. He teaches sales management, marketing, marketing analytics, business analytics, and marketing research in bachelors, masters and MBA courses.