SPUR Undergrad Opportunities 2020

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 09:00

The Summer Programme For Undergraduate  Research (SPUR) is a six week active research  based and paid experiential learning programme which offers successful students the opportunity  to work closely with faculty mentors on research  projects across a range of disciplines. This  programme is open to pre-final year UG students.

The Mathematics and Statistics Department has the following two SPUR projects in 2020. Deadline for applications is 08/03/20.

Tableau Switching

Young Tableau

This project will look at the algebraic combinatorics of Young tableau. It involves understanding and implementing, in SageMath, an important algorithm used in the study of Young tableau.

Supervisor: Dr John Murray

Preferred Start Date: 01/06/20

Preferred End Date: 10/07/20

Algebra & the topology of manifolds


Manifold image

This project will investigate the interaction between topology, geometry and algebra.

Supervisor: Prof David Wraith

Preferred Start Date: Flexible

Preferred End Date: Flexible

For more information see the SPUR module on Moodle.