Maths Circles

Maths circles will take place in Logic House, Maynooth University from 5pm-6pm on Monday evenings and 6pm – 7pm on Thursday evenings, students can attend either session. Please bring pen, paper and a calculator (if you have one) to each session. We ask all participants to fill out the registration form.

Maths Circles are designed for 5th and 6th class primary and 1st year second level students who are curious about mathematics and like maths games and puzzles. Each circle is designed to allow students the space to develop their problem solving skills in an environment that isn’t driven by any goal other than the enjoyment of investigation and discovery.


Update 05/03/2018

We will unfortunately not be able to start this week as our arrangements have been delayed due to the snow.
Instead sessions will start the week of the 12th March 2018.

To make up for this we will have sessions running on the bank holiday Monday on the 19th of March.

Monday sessions will take place in Tutorial rooms 3 & 5, 1st floor, John Hume building, North Campus, Maynooth University.
Thursday sessions will take place in MS1 & MS2, Top floor, Logic House, South Campus, Maynooth University.

See 8 on the Campus Map for Logic House and H2 on the map for the John Hume building.

Class Schedule 

Maths Circles & Junior Enrichment Calendar Image