Huxley Lecture 2017 & Guided Tour of old Mathematical Texts in the Russell Library

SpeakerProfessor Annette Imhausen, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Title:  'Mathematics and "Mathematicians“ in ancient Egypt'


Ancient Egypt has not only left us with spectacular monumental buildings but also with about half a dozen mathematical texts mostly dating from the Middle Kingdom (when royal tombs were still built in the form of pyramids). These texts indicate the techniques that were used to handle numeric data, but they also illustrate the context in which mathematical concepts and techniques were developed.

In my lecture, I shall present examples of Egyptian mathematical texts and describe their characteristic features. Furthermore, I will describe how, in various periods, the 
individuals who practiced mathematics evaluated themselves and their knowledge within the Egyptian culture.
Time & Date:  6pm, Monday 24/04/17

Venue: Renehan Hall, South Campus (map - ref: red circled number 13)

Parking: If you are traveling by car, please note that parking permits are not required after 5pm, see Traffic Management web page for details.

Rhind Mathematical Papyrus

Rhind Mathematical Papyrus​