1st Workshop on Ecological Data Analysis


Dan & Data



Monday, 27th May, 2019


Room 317, Eolas Building

Abstract Booklet

1st Workshop on Ecological Data Analysis - Abstract Booklet



9.30-9.40 Opening Address
9.40 - 10.05 “The use of vestiges on population density estimate of terrestrial mammals in human-altered environments”
Luciano Verdade (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
10.05-10.30 “Modelling the impact of biodiversity on ecosystems in ecology and agronomy”
Caroline Brophy (Maynooth University)
10.30-10.50 Lightning Talk Round 1
“Bayesian implementation of N-mixture models”
Estevão Prado (Maynooth University)
“Assessing the effects of plant diversity in intensive grasslands”
Guylain Grange (Maynooth University/Teagasc)
10.50-11.10 Coffee Break
11.10-11.35 “Count data: Over/under-dispersion, zero-inflation and some extended models”
John Hinde (NUI Galway)
11.35-12.00 “A Bayesian statistical model for reconstructing and analyzing former sea levels”
Niamh Cahill (Maynooth University)
12.00-12.25 “Spectral and signlal analysis methods applicable to Ecological analysis”
Joe Timoney (Maynooth University)
12.25-13.05 Lightning Talk Round 2
 “The application of random forests on ecology data”
Alan Inglis (Maynooth University)
“Effects of potassium silicate application on growth of pickling cucumber plants in competition with weeds”
Maira Fatoretto (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
 “Diversity-Interaction models applied to a grassland biodiversity experiment"
Ahmed Ali (Maynooth University)
“Does grassland diversity reduce N2O emmissions?”
Saoirse Cummins (Teagasc)
13.05-14.00 Lunch (Phoenix)


14.00-14.25 “Proceeding with caution: Exploiting multiple statistical approaches in biogeographical analysis”
Conor Meade (Maynooth University)
14.25-14.50 "Developing climate information for use in decision making”
Rowan Fealy (Maynooth University)
14.50-15.15 "Analysing ecological and evolutionary patterns in bird songs"
Rafael Moral (Maynooth University)
15.15-15.40 Coffee Break
15.40-16.10 Brainstorming Session - Discussion
16.10-16.50 Brainstorming Session - Presentations
16.50-17.00 Closing Address

 Brainstorming session

  • Statistical overlap / challenges
  • Ecological application area overlap
  • Potential funding opportunities
  • Potential joint papers

Ahmed Ali, Alan Inglis, Andrew Parnell, Caroline Brophy, Catherine Hurley, Christine Griffin, Conor Meade, Dara Stanley, Estevão Prado, Guylain Grange, Helen Shaw, Ho Chan Cheon, Joe Timoney, John Hinde, Ken Duffy, Kevin Burke, Luciano Verdade, Maira Fatoretto, Michael Fop, Niamh Cahill, Rafael Moral, Rowan Fealy, Saoirse Cummins, Steve McCarron, Thiago Oliveira, Tom Lysaght, Tríona Ryan

Organising Committee
Rafael Moral, Caroline Brophy and Estevão Prado