Storage, Collaboration and Voice/Video calls, meetings or classes: An overview of using Microsoft Teams is available here. Microsoft Teams can be used for file storage and collaboration, and also used for voice/video calls, as well as online meetings & classes.

Accessing Services: The following services can be accessed without the need for VPN: 

  • Email, OneDrive, Teams and all other Office 365 apps 
  • Academic Database 
  • RIS 
  • Core Portal 
  • Moodle 
  • PAC 
  • Hobsons 
  • CAO Admissions 
  • Student Web 
  • Library 

VPN Access: In a limited number of cases, you may require access to the VPN. In the case that you are granted access to the VPN services, please review the following usage guidelines; 

  • Information about the VPN service can be accessed here
  • As licenses are limited, please ensure to logout when VPN access is no longer required 

Accessing Voicemail Off-campus: Your voicemail can be accessed remotely by dialling (01) 7083400 followed by # and your extension number and PIN.