In a limited number of cases, you may require access to the VPN. The Maynooth University myVPN (Virtual Private Network) Service permits certain staff to connect securely to the Maynooth University’s (MU) internal network when off-campus.This service allows a permitted staff member to access internal systems which are only accessible on the University’s network.

Please follow the steps on How to connect to access the VPN (All staff members will be able to access it without any request needed)

The myVPN service is available from

Service Description

All users of this service are responsible for providing their own Internet connection.

Once connected to the Maynooth University internal network over myVPN, access to all on-campus resources will be as per working on campus.
IT Services are not responsible for any latency or other issues encountered when accessing resources or applications over myVPN. The myVPN service only provides access to the internal MU network and as such has no control over internet connectivity issues or incompatibility software problems.

An approved operating system (Linux, Windows 7 and higher, and Mac OS X) is required; with sufficient resources available to install and run the client software. The device you are using for remote access must have sufficient protection in terms of malware protection, an up to date OS and any application patches.

The myVPN service must only be used for University related purposes.

Security Considerations

Users of this service, must abide by the Code of Conduct for Users of Computing Resources

The myVPN service requires Two-Factor authentication, this two-factor authentication is provided by Domain Username/Password combined with Google Authenticator 

As always, caution should be exercised when accessing any University system or application on an untrusted network.
If you think your account has been compromised in any way, you should contact IT Services immediately.

In the event of the device that are using for the google authenticator is lost or stolen, please contact the IT Services as this can be reset. 
The following links provide documentation on the Terms of Service and How to Connect