These guidelines are designed to make the service as transparent as possible for everybody. If you need to request that software applications be installed in one (or more) PACR(s) we ask you to familiarize yourself with the following topics: 

  • The software requested must be Windows 10 compatible.
  • All applications need to be requested (even if they were installed in previous years).
  • Every department that needs software installed in the PACR must submit their request by completing our “Request Software in the Public Access Computer Rooms” process by 10.08.2018.
  • Fine-tuning, patching and resolving of issues will be done on a continuous basis.
  • Please ensure you have, at a minimum, sufficient licenses to cover all of the computers in each PACR you require. IT Services will not install software where there are fewer licenses available than there are computers in any relevant PACR.
  • Your required software should preferably be compatible with our existing IT environment. If you need further information please contact the IT Services ServiceDesk on 3388.
  • The hardware requirements for the software you need to have installed must run on a Core i3 with 4 GB memory e.g. Dell Optiplex 7020
  • A member of staff from your department must be available to check the usability of the requested software application on our setup before the setup will be put in place. The member of staff must be available during summer 2018 for this purpose.
  • If two software applications are incompatible IT Services will contact the departments to arrange a meeting of all people involved to help find a solution.
  • The setup of the computers in the Public Access Computer Rooms during the Academic Year cannot be changed.
  • The computers in Long Corridor and CBCL1 are available for classes and can be booked by emailing
  • IT Services reserves the right to decline software installation requests.  

The standard setup of the computers in the PACR is: 

  •  A secure Windows set-up
  • Office
  • Internet Browsers
  • PDF Reader
  • IBM Statistics (formerly SPSS)
  • Minitab