Principles and operational arrangements for on-campus displays on MU devices

IT Services manages the PCs and other electronic displays in a variety of locations throughout the North and South Campuses, including public access computer rooms and the library. The locked screens and wallpapers which display on these managed devices can be used to provide notifications, alerts or significant information to those who use the devices. Staff and students frequently approach IT Services with requests for messages, notices or alerts to be displayed. The purpose of this document is to guide the University in making decisions on the content of any material which may be displayed.

  • Content must be relevant to the educational, cultural or operational life of the Maynooth University campus;
  • Content must be relevant to a significant number of staff and students (it is not intended that messages are displayed which have relevance to a limited cohort);
  • Content must be written in appropriate language and be compliant with University policies (as published at Maynooth University policies);
  • Content must comply with all national legislation;
  • Display timeline is aligned with the information contained in the content.

Locations: IT Services managed devices in Computer Rooms, Class halls, Lap safe Lockers.

Format: All content to be formatted in either a PNG or JPG file. The minimum resolution is 1366 x 768.

Requests and Approval: Requests to be sent to IT Services ( at least 3 calendar weeks in advance of the first date of display. Requests from staff (including IT notices) must be signed by a Head of Department or equivalent. Requests from students and MSU are reviewed by IT Services in line with these Guidelines. If these student requests are in order, sign-off is arranged with the Registrar or his nominee.

Display timeline: The request must clearly state the start date and end date for the display. A notice will be displayed for up to one month unless exceptional circumstances require a longer display (noting guiding principle 2(e) above). One display can only be made available on the screens at any given time.

Log: IT Services will retain a log of all displays and associated approvals for one calendar year.