The department's research seminar (Thursday evenings during teaching term) attracts distinguished speakers from Ireland and abroad, and provides research students with an opportunity to present their work.

See below for schedule of lectures in second semester, 2023-24.
TIME:     6.00pm-7.15pm unless otherwise stated

VENUE: AHI Seminar Room 1.33, First Floor, Iontas Building

8 February 6-7.15pm   Professor Krassimira Daskalova (Sofia University) Beyond totalitarian paradigm: women’s emancipation, feminisms and feminists in the Cold War Eastern Europe
22 February 6-7.15pm   Dr Niamh Wycherley (Maynooth University) Boss Brigit: the significance of the woman and her Church of Kildare in the early Middle Ages
29 February

5-6pm  Giovanni Parente (Maynooth University PhD candidate)

6-7.15pm   Professor Dominique Reill (University of Miami & Iméra Institute for Advanced Study, Aix-Marseille University)

The Naval Service goes to the Mediterranean Sea: Ireland’s humanitarian mission in Pontus, 2015-2016

The Habsburg Mayor of New York: Fiorello LaGuardia

7 March
5-6pm   Veronica  Barry (Maynooth University PhD candidate)

6-7.15pm  Professor Holly Case
                  (Brown University)

The “easiest” of targets? Women of the neutral states and the Nazi propaganda machine

On the horizon of retrospective expectation, or, What we have come to expect from the past

21 March 5-6pm  
Ronald Connolly
(Maynooth University PhD candidate)

6-7.15pm   Dr Jay Rozman
                   (University College, Cork)

Researching a Midlands land agent: methodology and findings from the Ballindoolin estate archive

Irish ‘outrages’ and British politics: Irish agrarian violence and its multiplicity of meanings, 1830-1845

11 April 5-6pm   Tom McGrath (Maynooth University PhD candidate)

6.15-7pm   Prof Dejan Djokić (Maynooth University), Prof Siniša Malešević (University College Dublin) & Prof Robert Gerwarth (University College Dublin)

‘Where the Irish are always welcome’: the Irish in South Africa, c. 1919-61

On constructing and writing a national history today: the case of Serbia

18 April


Dr Jack Crangle
(Maynooth University)

6--7.15pm   Professor Chad Carl Bryant (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

'I hated being Irish’: exploring identity in Black and mixed race narratives of twentieth-century Ireland

Wartime reading: a Habsburg soldier and his newspaper, 1914-1919

25 April
Professor Morag Martin 
(State University of New York Brockport)

6-7.15pm   Professor Pieter Judson
                   (European University Institute)

Sisters at the birth: the Catholic Contravention against women religious and obstetrical practice, 1800-1936
The above lecture has been cancelled.

Who killed the Empire? The collapse of the Habsburg monarchy in 1918

2 May 5-6pm  
Thomas Appleby
(Maynooth University PhD candidate)

6-7.15pm   Dr Rosie Dias
                   (University of Warwick)

The influence of Lutheran Pietism on the development of Psychiatry in eighteenth-century Prussia

Imagining India in the metropole: East India House and the visual politics of Empire

9 May
Megan McAuley
(Maynooth University PhD candidate)

6-7.15pm   Dr Andrew Holmes
                   (Queen’s University Belfast)

Experiences of childhood in rural Ireland: a study of birth, life, and death in County Donegal, c. 1850-1950

The politics of culture? The Northern Revival, Presbyterian unionists, and the second series of the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, 1894-1911 - The 6pm lecture has been postponed