The Hamilton Institute has been internationally recognized for its work across communication networks, mathematical biology and fundamental mathematics. Current areas of interest for the institute include the improvement of privacy in online systems, the application of probability to immunology and the enhancement of randomised network protocols.

Research Areas:

Communications, Control & Networks
Subhrakanti Dey, Hamilton Institute/Dept. of Electronic Engineering
Ronan Farrell, Dept. of Electronic Engineering
David Malone, Hamilton Institute/Dept. of Maths & Stats
Ollie Mason, Hamilton Institute/Dept. of Maths & Stats
Tim McCarthy, Dept. of Computer Science/NCG
Dependable Software
Kevin Casey, Dept. of Computer Science
Rosemary Monahan, Dept. of Computer Science
James Power, Dept. of Computer Science
Machine Learning, Optimization & Robotics
Ralf Bierig, Dept. of Computer Science
Edgar Galvan, Dept. of Computer Science
Liadh Kelly, Dept. of Computer Science
John McDonald, Dept. of Computer Science
Tom Naughton, Dept. of Computer Science
Barak Pearlmutter, Dept. of Computer Science
Vicenç Torra, Hamilton Institute/Dept. of Computer Science
Rudi Villing, Dept. of Electronic Engineering
Natural Language Processing & Applications
Juan Carlos Arismendi Zambrano, Dept. of Economics, Finance & Accounting
Brian Davis, Dept. of Computer Science
Souleiman Hasan, School of Business
Sensors, Instrumentation & Computation
Elisa Fadda, Dept. of Chemistry
Bryan Hennelly, Dept. of Electronic Engineering/Computer Science
Charles Markham, Dept. of Computer Science
Statistics & Data Analytics
Caroline Brophy, Dept. of Maths & Stats
Chris Brunsdon, NCG
Martin Charlton, NCG
Katarina Domijan, Dept. of Maths & Stats
Catherine Hurley, Dept. of Maths & Stats
Andrew Parnell, Hamilton Institute/Dept. of Maths & Stats