Hamilton Institute Seminar Series

2019 Seminars:

Oct 30, Prof Tomoharu Nakashima, Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan.  "Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Elderly Monitoring and RoboCup Soccer."

Nov 20, Dr Valeria Nico, Stokes Laboratories, University of Limerick.  "Nonlinear vibrational energy harvesting for battery-free industrial Internet of Things applications."

Dec 4, Dr Edgar Galvan, MU Department of Computer Science.  "Title TBA."

Dec 18, Prof Andrea Ugolini, Department of Economics, University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  "Title TBA."

Time / Venue: 1pm2pm / Hamilton Institute Seminar Room (317), 3rd Floor, Eolas Building.

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Oct 17, Dr Seva Shneer, School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Herriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.  "Utility-maximising properties of some service-rates allocations in wireless communication networks."

Oct 9, Dr Klara Stokes, Maynooth University Department of Electronic Engineering.  "Voltages, flows, divisors and specials points on (network) graphs."

Oct 2, Dr Niamh Cahill, Maynooth University Department of Mathematics and Statistics.  "Bayesian Modelling Approaches for Family Planning Indicators."

Jun 11, Prof Matthew Patitz, Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, University of Arkansas, USA.  "Shaping Self-Assembly: How Tile Shapes Effect Powers of Self-Assembling Systems."

May 22, Prof Flavio du Pin Calmon, John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, USA.  "On representations and fairness: a few information-theoretic tools for machine learning."

May 8, Prof David Doty, Department of Computer Science, University of California, Davis, USA.  "Digging (energy) wells for unknown substances: Programming substrate-independent energy barriers in catalytic chemical reactions."

May 7, Dr John Butler, School of Mathematical Sciences, Technological University Dublin.  "Virtual Reality and Neuroimaging to Investigate the Neuronal Process while Walking."

May 1, Prof Ioannis Kontoyiannis, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK.  "Finding Complex Structure in Discrete Time Series."

Apr 24, Prof Claire Gormley, School of Mathematics and Statistics, UCD.  "Infinite mixtures of infinite factor analysers: a model-based approach to clustering high dimensional data."

Apr 9, Prof George Iosifidis, School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin.  "The Black Box of Cooperative Networks."

Mar 29, Dr Cristina Lo Celso, Imperial College London, UK.  "Healthy and malignant haematopoiesis in the bone marrow: dynamic cells in an evolving environment." (Joint Hamilton Institute / Human Health Institute Seminar).

Apr 3, Prof Madeleine Lowery, UCD.  "Rhythms of the brain : Computational modelling of deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease." (Joint Hamilton Institute / Human Health Institute Seminar).

Mar 21, Prof Subhra Dey, Hamilton Institute / Maynooth University Department of Electronic Engineering.  "Remote estimation over lossy channels in the presence of an eavesdropper."

Mar 13, Prof Miriam Leeser, Northeastern University, USA.  "Preserving Privacy through Processing Encrypted Data."

Mar 6, Prof Vicenç Torra, Hamilton Institute / Maynooth University Department of Computer Science.  "Non-additive measures and integrals."

Feb 27, Prof Nial Friel, UCD.  "Informed sub-sampling MCMC: Approximate Bayesian inference for large datasets."

Feb 20, Dr Pierre-Étienne Meunier, Hamilton Institute / Maynooth University Department of Computer Science.  "Using category theory to solve version control."

Feb 13, Prof Vicenç Torra, Hamilton Institute / Maynooth University Department of Computer Science.  "On data privacy for machine learning."

Feb 6, Alexis Mérigaud, Maynooth University Department of Electronic Engineering.  "Real-time forecasting of ocean waves: a statistical perspective."

Jan 29, Prof Steve Kirkland, University of Manitoba, Canada.  "Kemeny’s Constant for Markov Chains."

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