Hamilton Institute Seminar Series

Time / Venue: 1pm - 2pm / Hamilton Institute Seminar Room (317), 3rd Floor, Eolas Building.

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See also the Hamilton Institute Student Seminar Series.

2020 Seminars: Suspended 

Mar 18, Dr Ali Forootani, Hamilton Institute.  "Stochastic Dynamic Programming for Resource Allocation: Theory and Application."

Mar 25, Dr Katie O'Brien, National Cancer Registry Ireland.

Apr 1, Dr Andrea Simonetto, Ireland Research Lab, IBM, Dublin, Ireland.  "Personalized Optimization in a Time-varying World."

Apr 8, Dr Horacio González-Vélez, School of Computing, National College of Ireland.

Apr 29, Prof Michaël Rao, ENS Lyon, France.

May 6, Dr Indrakshi Dey, Maynooth University Department of Electronic Engineering.

May 27, Dr Peter Mooney, Maynooth University Department of Computer Science.

Mar 11, 
Dr Mingming Liu, School of Electronic Engineering, DCU.  "Decentralized Optimization Algorithms with Applications to Smart Grids and Intelligent Transportation Systems."

Mar 4, Prof Natalie Shlomo, University of Manchester, UK.  "Statistical Disclosure and Differential Privacy."

Feb 26, Dr Edgar Galvan, Maynooth University Department of Computer Science.  "Semantics in Machine Learning Genetic Programming."

Feb 13, Professor Dominique Mery, INRIA, LORIA and Universite de Lorraine, France.  "Formal Development of Multi-Purpose Interactive Application (MPIA) for ARINC 661."  (Joint Hamilton Institute/Computer Science Department Seminar).

Feb 12, Dr Constantine Evans, Hamilton Institute.  "Pattern recognition in the nucleation kinetics of self-assembly."

Feb 5, Dr Nema Dean, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow, Scotland.  "Spatio-temporal modelling of respiratory disease risk with changing spatial boundaries."

Jan 29, Dr Arman Farhang, Maynooth University Department of Electronic Engineering.  "New Waveforms: Enablers for Future Multi-Service Communication Networks."

Jan 22, Dr Norma Bargary, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick.  "Surviving Risky Statistics: Perceptions of Health Risk and Risk Communication."

Jan 15, Prof Guillermo Navarro-Arribas, UAB, Barcelona, Spain.  "Some balance disclosure and availability attacks on the Lightning Network."

Jan 8, Prof Janine Illian, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow, Scotland.  "In a world of many processes — what’s the point?"

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