Dr Behnam Faghih


Behnam completed his PhD at Maynooth University, working on analysing singing signals. He was previously awarded a Master's in Information Technology (e-commerce) and a Bs degree in software development.

Behnam also studied music in private classes for more than 12 years. He is a professional Santoor (an Iranian instrument) player.

Behnam has been teaching at several universities since 2007, and now he is an assistant professor at Maynooth University. Moreover, he was a funder and CEO of two software development start-up companies and developed many commercial software products.

Dr Faghih's research interest is music technology (computer music). Thus, he is interested in both traditional audio signal processing and machine learning approaches for working with audio, especially music. He has published two books and several papers in peer-reviewed journals and national and international conferences. Moreover, he has been a reviewer of papers in several peer-reviewed journals and international conferences.

Behnam has delivered various modules to undergraduate and graduate students. His primary focus is on music programming/technology and software development modules.