Official Release of Dublin 8 Health + Environment Dashboard

Friday, April 19, 2024 - 15:45

We are thrilled to announce the official release of the Dublin 8 Health + Environment Dashboard, a groundbreaking project funded by the Irish Research Council. Developed by the Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI) and NCG, along with the Maynooth University department of Sociology, this open-source dashboard aims to collect, publish, and map access to health benefits and exposure to health risks in the Dublin 8 area.
This initiative allows citizens, policy-makers, and researchers to gain valuable insights into critical gaps within Dublin 8 and other neighborhoods, as we strive towards a more equitable and sustainable city. Through collaboration with Austin Campbell and the Robert Emmet CDP and South Inner City Community Development Association (SICCDA), along with a team of esteemed academic collaborators, including Mary P Corcoran, Kevin Credit, Chris Brunsdon, Lidia K.C. Manzo, and Damanpreet Kaur, this community-focused research project has achieved significant milestones.
The Dublin 8 Health + Environment Dashboard serves four primary objectives:

  1. Engage with the public to understand specific health and environment data needs.
  2. Collect and combine data on key metrics, including health services, green space, air quality, road noise, and heritage.
  3. Provide accessible and easy-to-use spatial data through an online platform.
  4. Inform local planning, decision-making, investment, and future research.

Through qualitative engagement with the community and quantitative analysis, the project has laid the groundwork for informed decision-making and investment in urban health and environment. By leveraging open data and community insights, the dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of health benefits and risks, empowering residents and stakeholders to advocate for positive change.
The Dublin 8 Health + Environment Dashboard represents a collaborative effort to address pressing issues facing our communities. We invite you to explore the dashboard at, and join us in our commitment to creating healthier, more sustainable neighborhoods for all.

For futher informtion on the project you can contact Dr Kevin Credit at