The Department of Geography Seminar Series 2022_2023

Seminars are held in the Rocque Lab, on the ground floor of Rhetoric House and are open to all unless specifically stated otherwise.  

September 29th PG Welcome—Department only
October 13th Professor Mary Gilmartin, MU Department of Geography Athena Swan Workshop @ 1-2pm (Department only) “Building Confidence: Asking questions at research seminars”
November 10th Dr Tara Quinn, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Icarus  @ 1pm—”Health and wellbeing in climate change adaptation” Geography Dr Tara Quinn Seminar
November 17th Pavee Point and Maynooth Geography partnership (PI's Michael Collins, Andy O'Hara, Karen Till and Rachel McArdle), MU Department of Geography Athena Swan Seminar @ 4pm—”Launch of project online StoryMap: Coolock Travellers' Community Mapping Project“.
November 24th Dr Louise Fitzgerald, MU Department of Geography Athena Swan Seminar @ 4pm— “A Feminist Political Ecology Account of Dominant Forestry Approaches in Ireland: Exploring Impacts for Frontline Communities in Co. Leitrim”
December 1st Professor Gerry Kearns - MU Department of Geography Athena Swan Seminar  @ 1pm—”Making Space for AIDS: Imagining Black Queer Survival”
December 8th Dr. Nick Scroxton, Maynooth University @ 4pm—”Marching to the beat of their own drum: What southern hemisphere stalagmites tell us about rainfall, abrupt climate change, Hobbits and the fate of civilizations”

  Geography - Seminar Series 2022_2023