Geography Department Seminars (4.00-5.00 pm, Thursdays, unless otherwise stated; Location: Online via Teams)

Semester 1, 2020/21:

19th November: PhD Seminars

Name: Laure Tymowski
Supervisor: Patrick Bresnihan
Title: "Whose environment, whose city? A critical assessment of environmental justice in South Dublin"
Abstract: The aim of the research project is to examine three environmental projects in South Dublin through the lens of urban environmental justice, asking whose environmental concern, knowledge and expertise are mobilized in the making of the City.

Name: Conchúr Ó Maonaigh.
Supervisor: Alistair Fraser.
Title: Driving the Decarbonising City: The New Dynamics of Transportation in Dublin.
Abstract: Among other challenges, responding to climate change requires efforts in member states of the European Union to decarbonize transportation. The focus of my research is on developments in Dublin’s transportation sector. 

Name: Jack Callan
Supervisor: Gerry Kearns
Title: Geographies of abortion access in Ireland
Abstract: An investigation of geographies of abortion access brought about by Ireland’s liberalisation of abortion laws

26th November: PhD Seminars

Name: Bernard Essel
Supervisor: Dr Conor Cahalane
Title: Assessing the suitability of drones and multispectral cameras for developing a non-invasive measurement methodology to quantify nitrogen and phosphorus levels in inland waters
Abstract: Mapping over water using drone is challenging due to factors such as uniformity of the water surface making image stitching difficult and errors such as sun glint. Thus, there is the need to develop an approach to map and correct errors using multispectral camera from drone. Also, to successfully estimate nitrogen and phosphorus levels in inland waters will require a machine learning approach. 

Name: Samuel Tiéfolo Diabaté
Supervisor: Gerard McCarthy
Title: Inshore sea-level and western boundary ocean dynamics
Abstract: I will briefly present my research on the relationship between sea level on the eastern coast of North America and Japan and the two adjacent boundary currents: the Kuroshio and the Gulf Stream.

Name: Catherine O’Beirne
Supervisor: André Düsterhus
Title: Application of Decadal predictions
Abstract: Using the understanding of the specific sources for decadal predictability from the North Atlantic. Applying this information to tailor decadal predictions to Irish stakeholder needs.

3rd December: Patrick Breshnihan, Maynooth University. Title: TBC

10th December: Sam Blanckensee. Lunchtime (1.00pm) Workshop from MU Equality/Diversity Officer. Venue: TBC