Adrian Kavanagh

Teaching and education
BA (Geography and Maths)
MA (Geographical Analysis), PhD (Geography)

Still recall the "study lectures" of WJ Smyth and Dennis Pringle's fascinating overview of the geopolitics surrounding Macedonia in First Year Geography in (gulp) 1989-90. Outside of Geography, really enjoyed the classes from Richard Watson in Mathematics (Years 1 and 3) and Joseph Spellman in First Year Maths Physics. 

Prize for Top Student in First Arts, 1989-90

Involved in Drama Society and Geography Society. 

Also enjoyed the Literary and Debating Society debates and the fun around the SU Preidential Elections in the late 1980s/early 1990s - kuds to Vincent Martin, Paul Thornton and James Cotter for one of the most memorable election campaigns!

Back when I started, it was a very small university and everybody effectively almost knew everybody. 

Obviously academic skills, but there is a big focus on confidence building too, which is crucial.

Just do it. Leave yourself open to changing what you initially planned to do as you progress during your time in Maynooth.