Chemistry Research Areas

At Maynooth University we focus on different aspects of chemistry relating to:

  • Organic/Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry, where we are looking to design and make medicines more effectively, though improved catalysis and the modification of carbohydrates and oligonicleotides
  • Physical/Analytical Chemistry, where our research includes using implanted sensors and biosensors to measure the chemical reactions that go on in a brain in real time, and how that can change in models of disease
  • Biophysical Chemistry, where our research has a strong crossover with biology and we are figuring out what makes proteins stable and why they act the way they do, and
  • Inorganic Chemistry, which puts the focus on metals in the search for new anti-cancer and anti-microbial drug

Our staff collaborate internationally with academic partners, publish in high-impact scientific journals (including Angewandte Chemie) and work with industry.
The campus company Cerebeo has spun out from the Department.

Opportunity May 2017: ​Postgraduate Teaching Studentship