Dr Don Kalb - 6th February Anthropology Seminar Series

Thursday, February 6, 2020 - 17:00 to 18:30
Anthropology Seminar Room [RH1.20 Rowan House]

“How I discovered the rise of the populist right by looking for something else: reflections on class, culture, and right wing populism”

Dr Don Kalb
University of Bergen

Thursday 6 February 2020, 5.00-6.30pm, RH1.20, Anthropology Seminar Room, Rowan House
Department of Anthropology, Maynooth University

Don Kalb is “Elite” Professor in Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen, Norway, and was until 2017 Professor of sociology and social anthropology at Central European University, Budapest. He currently leads the ‘Frontiers of Value’ project sponsored by the Bergen Foundation and the University of Bergen. He is also a senior researcher at Utrecht University and he recently co-lead the ‘financialization project’ at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle.
His books include Expanding Class: Power and Everyday Politics in Industrial Communities, The Netherlands, 1850-1950 (Duke University Press), 1997; The Ends of Globalization. Bringing Society back in, (Rowman and Littlefield Publishers), 2000; Globalization and Development: Key Issues and Debates (Kluwer Academic Publishers), 2004; Critical Junctions: Anthropology and History beyond the Cultural Turn (Berghahn), 2005; Headlines of Nation, Subtexts of Class: Working Class Populism and the Return of the Repressed in Neoliberal Europe, (Berghahn) 2011; Anthropologies of Class (Cambridge U.P), 2015. World Wide Mobilizations: Class Struggles and Urban Commoning (Berghahn), 2018. He is Founding Editor of Focaal – Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology and of FocaalBlog