International Youth Work - New Interactive Online Module

Friday, June 25, 2021 - 10:00


Léargas and the National Youth Council of Ireland in collaboration with Maynooth University have developed  a new interactive online learning module on international youth work.
The module is hosted on, a hub for curated resources for the youth work sector and students.  It includes animations, interviews with relevant youth work sector stakeholders, tools and resources addressing: 

  • What is International Youth Work? 
  • Why Engage in International Youth Work? 
  • and How to Engage in International Youth Work.  

This instruction module for youth workers, youth organisations and students of youth work, is designed to enhance understanding of international youth work in the context of European programmes. The module explores what is meant by international youth work, its impact on youth workers, organisations and young people and how those working with young people can bring an international dimension to their youth work.
Engagement in international youth work provides an opportunity to work across borders and cultures, to broaden horizons, build skills and find solutions to common challenges and issues affecting young people and youth organisations.  International youth work has the potential to have a significant impact on those who engage in it, including youth workers, youth organisations and of course young people themselves. 
The module is designed: 

  • For youth organisation management, workers and students. 
  • To develop the capacity of those involved in youth work to bring an international dimension to their work with young people.  
  • To highlight the contribution of such engagement in bringing added value to quality youth work. 

The interactive module demonstrates the potential impact of international youth work: 

  • Within the context of European programmes. 
  • For young people gaining transformative life experiences through taking part. 
  • For youth workers/organisations embracing initiatives like Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps.  

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