Exciting New Elective Offering

Monday, September 10, 2018 - 16:30

Good and Evil is an exciting new offering for 2nd year Electives. The personal experience and social reality of good and evil raises the deepest of questions. This module invites students to engage with a variety of ideas, cases, texts and historical realities. 

It is a multi-disciplinary module, jointly offered by the Department of Law, Department of Philosophy and Department of Theology, which explores a range of perspectives. 

Themes of the modules include:

  • sources of good and evil;
  • presentations of good and evil in art,
  • literature and sacred texts;
  • models of good and evil in social organisation;
  • ethical and legal responses to the reality of evil.

The Elective Stream at Maynooth University is designed, above all, to provide opportunities for students. This module is such an opportunity. It is a chance to engage with one of the largest and most important questions of all.