Maynooth University has partnered with Digitary CORE to provide a Learner User Portal where the University can issue certified official documents digitally to you. 

This portal will provide lifelong safe, secure and password-protected access to your documents. Once you access your documents you can share them securely online to third parties including future employers or other Universities / Institutions etc.  You will also have the ability to track and view the activity of the documents you have shared.

Who can receive documents via the Digitary Learner User Portal?

In the initial launch (May 2024), digital documents will only be available to currently registered students via the Digitary Learner User Portal.

It is planned to provide access to the Digitary Learner User Portal before the end of 2024 for students who graduated from Maynooth University between 2015 and 2023. Please check this webpage for updates in the coming months. In the meantime, please apply for transcripts using the link;

Graduates and students prior to 2015 will continue to apply for transcripts here

Note: visiting students and students registered as occasional students will only receive an academic transcript on the Learner Portal.

What documents are available through the Digitary Learner User Portal?

  • Academic Transcript - An academic transcript is an official document that lists your complete academic history: the programme(s) attended while registered in Maynooth University and a breakdown of the marks/grades achieved by subject and module for each academic year.  Once your programme is complete it will also detail the degree awarded, the overall result and the conferring date.
  • Letter confirming registration status – This letter is available to any student who is registered in the current academic year (available from September 2024).
  • ​European Diploma Supplement (EDS) – This document is available to graduates (available to students graduating from September 2024 – see above for graduates in earlier years). It provides information on the type and level of qualification awarded. It is in a format which makes it easier for employers and education institutions outside Ireland to understand your qualification.  Further information is at European Diploma Supplement (EDS).

​All documents on the portal are digitally signed to ensure authenticity. 

The docments on the portal are live documents and will be updated automatically, if there is a change to your record such as subject amendments or insertion of results etc.  It is envisaged live updates will occur on a weekly basis during term time but will be disabled during the examination periods until after the formal release of examination results.

I’ve received an email from Digitary CORE about an official document. What do I do now?

You will be required to “Register” for a Digitary CORE account to access your document initially, and during the registration process you will be asked to provide a “life-long” personal email address. This is to ensure you will have access to your documents in the future when your Maynooth University account has been de-activated (note: Maynooth University email accounts are normally de-activated  within 18 months of leaving Maynooth University).

I have a stop on my account for outstanding fees. Can I access my transcript?

Students with a “Fee Stop” for outstanding fees on their student record will not have a transcript uploaded to the Learner Portal (if one was uploaded prior to the Fee Stop being applied, the transcript will not update until the outstanding fees have been paid and the Fee Stop has been removed).  Contact for all issues relating to Fees.

How do I share documents through Digitary Core?

  • From the documents page, which will be visible after login, click on the “Share” button next to the document you wish to share.
  • You can choose to have Digitary CORE send an email to the person; you can specify for how long the recipient can access the document; you can require the recipient to have a PIN to access the document; or simply copy/paste the share link into a personal email that you yourself send to the recipient.
  • You can also send your document to a registered organisation on the Digitary CORE network.  If the organisation to which you want to send your document does not appear in the “share” dropdown menu, check with the organisation how it wishes to receive certified documents.

Digitary password issues.

If you have forgotten your Digitary password:

If you have registered with Digitary, click ‘Can’t sign in?’ and complete the online form that will then forward password reset instruction to your registered email account. 

To change your Digitary password:

Click on the dropdown menu beside your name, choose Profile Settings - Change email password

For further information on Digitary visit the Digitary website.