Field seminar at Clonmacnoise & Corlea Trackway

Disembarking at Clonmacnoise
Friday, April 13, 2018 - 08:15 to 19:15
Clonmacnoise & Corlea Trackway

​Temple Ciarán

Arriving by boat via the River Shannon, students will begin by exploring one of the most complete religious complexes of medieval Ireland, the great monastery at Clonmacnoise. Although reputedly founded in 548 AD by Ciarán most of the remains (high crosses, round tower, churches, early medieval graves) date to the period between 900-1100 AD. Clonmacnoise became one of the most powerful, wealthy and infleuntial monastic centres in Ireland on an important 'crossroads'. Since the early medieval period Clonmacnoise has been an important centre of Christian pilgrimage and spiritual devotion.​ From here, we will travel to the northern midlands to explore the 2nd c BC oak trackway discovered in the bog at Corlea, Co. Longford.