Dr. Ian Marder and Prof. Claire Hamilton publish special issue on Irish criminology

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 - 09:30

In January 2023, the Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice published a special issue on Irish criminology. The issue (Vol. 39, Issue 1) is entitled: Doing Criminology and Criminal Justice in Ireland: Perspectives From a Peripheral Nation.
Co-edited by Maynooth University School of Law and Criminology colleagues Dr. Ian Marder and Prof. Claire Hamilton, the issue invited authors engaged in cutting-edge research on crime and criminal justice in the Republic of Ireland to demonstrate Ireland’s global significance in these fields.
Irish criminology is a burgeoning, diverse and outward-looking discipline, with a rising number of scholars making novel contributions to international debates on the theoretical and empirical study of crime and criminal justice. Its relatively unique position as both a Western European democracy and a post-colonial territory means that Ireland is of equal significance to the Global North and Global South. Moreover, this growth in local scholarship coincides with changes to criminal justice that should be of interest to advocates and analysts around the world.
Topics covered by the issue include historical gendered institutional violence, public confidence in the Garda Síochána, counter-extremism, probation and parole decision-making, Ireland's place in the periphery of discussions about penal politics, youth justice and organised crime. Contributors include Maynooth University School of Law and Criminology colleagues Dr. Lynsey Black and Dr. Sinéad Ring, as well as colleagues from University College Cork, University College Dublin, the University of Galway, Brunel University London and the University of Strathclyde.
The issue can be found in full here. Ian and Claire’s editorial, which includes a tribute to their late friend and colleague Dr. Vicky Conway, can be read open access here. An outline of the papers and contributors can be found on Twitter here.