New Publication: Prof. Fiona M. Palmer publishes article in Music and Letters examining ‘Collective Podium Power in Wartime Britain’

Thursday, September 16, 2021 - 18:00

Published in the peer-reviewed journal Music and Letters, Prof. Fiona M. Palmer’s open access article: ‘The Musical Conductor’s Association: Collective Podium Power in Wartime Britain?’, Music and Letters (15 September 2021), explores the protectionist agenda and artistic struggles shared among British conductors during—and after—the First World War.  Founded in 1916, the Musical Conductors’ Association [MCA] attempted to mobilize a collective xenophobic agency within the wider music profession and its unionized structures. The MCA’s priorities, networks, debates, and impact are contextualized to reveal new insights into the status and working conditions among conductors who banded together in wartime.